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PPC Advertising

PPC? Why do I need a Paid Search Agency ?

Professional management helps to

  • Remove the guesswork A structured approach to building out campaigns based on thorough keyword research and monitoring will mean that a managed paid search campaign will improve your odds of success.
  • Deliver Efficiency and ROI Catching customers at the appropriate point in their purchasing journey saves you money and boosts your Return On Investment. We can help you find that sweet spot on any given tail of search.
  • Add Lateral thinking – Strategies and Formats Searchers can move in mysterious ways. While we don’t claim to be mind readers we have been in ‘search’ long enough to apply the appropriate degree of ‘thinking outisde the box’.
  • Use timely deployment Paid Search’s major advantage over SEO is its deployability and precision, add creativity and lateral thinking to the mix and its a powerful tool. SEO has its place, they are both search disciplines but should be used for different roles.

In a nutshell

Paid Search is  highly effective but it is no longer cheap and can’t be thought of in isolation.  Efficiency, ROI, Conversion and Retention are more important than ever.

What does PPC Management cost?

Costs will vary between accounts – managing a an online retail account with thousands of SKU’s and tight margins is far more time consuming than a smaller campaign based around brand and awareness (the brand based campaign is taxing in another way).

Regardless of the campaign we typically break costs down into the following:-

Set up fee. This enables us to do a full consultation, conduct necessary research, design the campaign structure and preferably conduct some testing (dependent on budget).

Ongoing Management Fee – This is usually a flat fee and will vary depending on the size and complexity of the campaign (i.e. how much time it takes to monitor and continually refine).

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