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Digital Marketing Training Update

South Wales Chamber of Commerce – Digital Breakfast Briefing

I was luckily enough to deliver the Digital Marketing morning ‘quick start’ talk for South Wales Chamber of Commerce. Hats off to Graham Morgan & the Centre for Business Team, the format was spot on.  A short, sharp and concise introduction to get small businesses  thinking about opportunities in the digital space.

The format didn’t allow us to go into much detail so I thought I might post some follow up resources here.

SEO for startups in 10 minutes – advice straight from Google

Google Now

A constant theme during the morning was of concentrating on the needs and wants of the customer and then working back or around these core issues to find opportunities. Firms like Google do exactly that. The below video is their ambitious vision of how people will discover local content in a seamless way that may not resemble the lists of links we are used to when we are trying to find a business or service.

The following link is from +Bill Slawski on how context is likely to shape how people find things online. The future of finding things is likely to be more about where you are, what your doing, what you have done and whats on your mind than just what you type into a box.

Read Write Web ask a very different question – “Google Now” Knows More About You Than Your Family Does – Are You OK With That?

EU Cookie Law

The EU Cookie law was brought up right at the end and we didn’t have enough time to go into it in any depth. It’s quite a complex and fuzzy issue at the moment and lets face it largely unresolved. Here are some links to material that might help businesses with their thinking around cookie law compliance.

As with all laws, the impact is unpredictable on many fronts. Until we see some real life challenges we will not be able to tell how the EU cookie law will be interpreted by the various judicial systems across all member states.

Further help and advice

If your business needs help with any aspect of their digital strategy be it planning, implementation or in house training please get in touch today and make a start.




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