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Digital Marketing Courses Cardiff Newport & South Wales

Digital Marketing Courses. Cardiff. Newport & South Wales

We offer Digital Marketing Courses throughout  South Wales. Digital Marketing is quite a broad area to cover. The courses is designed to explain to businesses what is available and how it all fits together. What tools to use when and which approach is worth considering a given set of business goals.

What are the costs of digital marketing training?

  • at your business (£650 per day)
  • at a local venue (£175 per delegate)

Whats does the course cover?

At it’s heart Digital marketing is the management of channels. The channels we focus on here are

  • Search
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Measurement and analysis.

Want a tailored experience?

If you want training delivered on site or if all of the attendees are from one industry we can tailor the course to your own specific requirements (given enough notice). This can be a win win for many firms, it’s like getting a consultation and staff training at the same time.