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OI 14 Cardiff David Hieatt & Social media for manufacturers.

Dave Hieatt’s keynote at OI cardiff 2014 – A manufacturers perspective on social media Digital conferences can be fun. I don’t go to as many as I used to. Not because they aren’t fun but because you tend to get similar people preaching to the converted. A degree of skepticism is a healthy thing and it’s easy to get caught up in what Evgeny Morozov calls the ‘Filter Bubble’. For better Read More

Analytic resources and guidance for small business

More choice, more complexity? Online advertising has changed a lot over the last 18 months. Small businesses have a set of marketing tools at their disposal that offer unprecedented reach. The importance of being clear about what you are doing and what you expect to see as a result Understanding if what you are doing is actually working is still a challenge for businesses big and small. This post is Read More

Content Marketing Wales – Agency scramble for next big thing.

Content Marketing Wales – Customers, search engines and social media Content Marketing. It’s the new thing. Or so the agencies tell us. There was a time when you just had to have a “thing” that you did in digital marketing. “Things” in digital marketing come and go. The SEO industry has struggled to repair its “thing” so much so that industry leaders like Rand Fishkin rebranded to remove ‘SEO’ from Read More

Going to Cardiff Start 11th April 2013 ?

Going to Cardiff Start Up 11th April 2013 ? I am looking forward to checking out Cardiff Start tonight. I am not sure what to expect. The world of the start up is getting a lot of attention recently. Some big names in the field from over the pond are Eric Reis and Steve Blank. They both believe that exploration and discovery are things that start up businesses do well Read More

Enough of the social media already

Patrick Altoft – Sound digital marketing advice Came across this video on the Branded3 blog. It’s a video of Patrick Altoft talking about marketing. In fact its got the obligatory buzz words of “Using social media for SEO” to appeal to a specific target audience which is standard at these type of events. No BS approach to social media I have seen Patrick talk at a number of events and Read More

Why doesn’t my analytics data make sense?

“Measurbation”  – A contrarian view of analytics and data from Rory Sutherland Just because you can measure it It’s hard to be in “digital marketing” and not be swept away by the massed ranks of experts (defined by author rank or klout score of course!) preaching the virtues of analytics, conversion and optimisation. You bet your life I can find causation If you are not coming up with bankable insight Read More

Five links worth 10 minutes

Five links worth 10 minutes Who owns the right to filter your feed Algorithmic illusions The Google Glass feature no one is talking about Are brands people, my friends Everything We Know About What Data Brokers Know About You

Digital Marketing Training Update

South Wales Chamber of Commerce – Digital Breakfast Briefing I was luckily enough to deliver the Digital Marketing morning ‘quick start’ talk for South Wales Chamber of Commerce. Hats off to Graham Morgan & the Centre for Business Team, the format was spot on.  A short, sharp and concise introduction to get small businesses  thinking about opportunities in the digital space. The format didn’t allow us to go into much Read More

Tour Guide Business Models. Storytelling, Tech & Destination Marketing

The real Mayor on Foursquare With news of the Mayor of Tampa Bay using Foursquare to show people around his city, it got me thinking about what the collision of technology and travel is doing to tour guide business models and the future of [intlink id=”872″ type=”post”]destination marketing[/intlink] in general. You could argue that being a ‘tour guide’, your locality is your niche. Knowing a bit about an area is a Read More

Reframing, Perception and Digital Marketing

I have been following Rory Sutherland for quite a while now. He has a knack of explaining marketing psychology in a very entertaining way. The following talk about perceptions and perceived value are insightful and relevant to anybody working in marketing, digital marketing or otherwise, there is always another way to frame a product or service. Adopting this mindset when thinking about Web design, creativity in PPC advertising, content strategies for Read More